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7 Ways to Get Clients Even if you HATE Marketing

  • 1 hour
  • Online Course/Training

Service Description

Sadly, clients don’t just show up at your doorstep wanting your services. That’s living life in a dream world; in reality, you need to market your company every single day to attract clients. If you’re not marketing, how will people know you even exist? I know how difficult it can be to step out from behind the computer and put your face and name out into the public eye. Every business owner suffers from stage fright at some point, such as when it’s time to unveil your new website, new course, or new membership site. It’s nerve wracking to be in the public eye, with all the focus shining on YOU. ​Even though marketing your business is an everyday activity, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Instead of hitting up your followers with daily promotions, focus instead on relationship marketing, or building trusting relationships with your audience. Take an interest in them and their struggles. Create products or programs that speak to those struggles and that help relieve those problems. Show compassion and empathy for your audience and they will come to view you as a real person who cares instead of a no-face business corporation who only cares about making money. In this Course, we'll review some general marketing techniques which will transform any business! Course Outline Includes: 1 Video 2 Worksheets 3 Quizzes

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