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About Us

This Community of Support is designed to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE Women in Business to "Change HER Game in Order to Change THE Game in BUSINESS!" Powered By Da'Nielle.IAM and the "I.AM the Change" Movement, for WOMEN in Business that desire to BE 'SET APART' and ABOVE AVERAGE in ALL that you do! This group is for Women that are BELIEVERS of Making CHANGE a Daily Lifestyle, but also that desire to make an IMPACT with that change BOTH Personally & Professionally! 


It's ALL about helping Women realize that ANY 'CHANGES' they desire to see, MUST and will ALWAYS begin with the person they see....Themselves! It's ALL about Evolving, Self-Improvement and Advancement and helping other Women DO THE SAME! 

In this Community of Support, you are Encouraged to share your Knowledge, Skills, Advice, Tips, Motivational Quotes, Positive Life Events or Experiences that will promote healthy dialogue in order to Inspire HER (Women) to Change in Life....which will Ultimately Create Growth for HER Business!





"I.AM The CHANGE" is a Movement pushed by what we call #Game ChangHers,

that is set to Empower, Equip, Inspire, Encourage & Uplift others but mainly Women

through the Journey & Transition to become BETTER Individuals as well as Managing

and Running BETTER businesses, and to help others realize that ANY change desired

both Personally and/or Professionally STARTS with YOU! It is said that two of the MOST

powerful words are 'I AM', for what you put after them shapes your reality! And


TO BE, and to KNOW YOUR that YOU can KNOW YOUR PLACE in Life!    



"Da'Nielle.I.AM" #YourPlaybook Coach, is a Female Leader, a Motivational Speaker, a Business Owner/CEO, and a Brand Coach/Manager, that is dedicated to those wanting a Positive CHANGE.... and to those that are Ready for that SHIFT out of 1st gear! If you are not GROWING, then YOU ARE STUCK.......that's IT and that's ALL! And one of the MOST important and MOST vital pieces to any CHANGE in our Mindset! And Da'Nielle.I.AM FIRMLY believes that...."If you CHANGE your CHANGE your LIFE!" The "#GameChangHers" is for Women Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Bosses, CEO's, etc...........It is for the Woman in Business who desire to be BETTER Leaders, BETTER Achievers, BETTER Doers, BETTER Followers......and just ALL-AROUND BETTER Individuals than you were the day before! I.AM...because GOD says I AM.....and SO ARE.YOU! And sometimes, THAT change we're waiting on, isn't going to happen...until WE show up! When you are a GameChangHer... YOU are the SHIFT that's waiting to happen in people's lives! When we take the time to personally Change our Game and self-develop into the Women and Leaders God has for us to's only THEN, that we can truly Change the Game in our Businesses, and reap the Awesome Profits, Benefits and Successes that come with it! Many of us have been operating our businesses, with PURPOSE and PASSION...but no PREPAREDNESS, STRUCTURE, or the DISCIPLINE that it takes to not only SURVIVE but to THRIVE! And many times, that's because we're all over the place as individuals, therefore it shows up in our Business, and thus in our profits. We want ALL that God has PLANNED and PROMISED to us...and in order to do so, we've got to PULL BACK the Mask(s), the Flesh, and maybe even the Make-up, get down and dirty, deal with that inner Woman, and allow God to have his way. But there's nothing like being around like-minded Women, that share similar stories, lives, journey's, experiences, etc. as well as share the Encouragement, Accountability, Resources, Tools, Time, Energy, Love, Mutual Respect, Knowledge, Information and the Assistance needed to reach that NEXT level. With a The Game ChangHers.... NO WOMAN is Left behind! We center our environment and our mindset around Football or the TEAM concept! We understand, that we are in the BIGGEST Game we'll ever play in Life and in Business, and in order to WIN, you need to be equipped with the Rules of the Playbook, with the right Team and Teammates pushing you for Greatness!

Are YOU A #GameChangHer?   



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Def of a Game Changer (noun): An Event, Idea, Procedure or PERSON that effects a significant shift........ So LET'S BE THAT Shift Ladies! A #GameChangHer.


Are YOU A #GameChangHer? #IAMAGameChangHer

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be a strong pillar of support, for Women in Business providing the Education, Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration, Support, and the Tools needed to CHANGE HER GAME personally, and evolve and self-develop into the BEST version of HERself that God has called and created HER to be, so that she may have what it takes to maintain the mundane tasks of building and running a profitable and successful business.       

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is that every Women in our Community/Organization realize that ANY 'CHANGES' they desire to see, MUST and will ALWAYS begin with the person they see....Themselves! It's ALL about Evolving, Self-Improvement and Advancement and helping other Women DO THE SAME! And in order to be a TRUE Game ChangHer, we must not only do good, but we must make an impact with that good, serving and building up the Kingdom of God, walking in our purposes, and allowing others to grow because of the seeds we've planted. And we do this with and through the platforms of our businesses that God has allowed us to have!   

We Need Your Support Today!

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