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The "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Webinars, are more like Group Coaching Sessions that take place each month Via Zoom, that features GREAT Speakers/Teachers along with GREAT Topics to help YOU grow YOURSELF and your BUSINESS along the way! Instead of 1-on-1 coaching sessions (that can STILL be booked if and when needed at for a more Customized experience), the "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Webinars will offer Exclusive and FREE Group Training to BOTH our FREE & VIP Paid Members as a way to ENCOURAGE Participation, Professional Connections, and Growth...that will Ultimately lead to CHANGING Her GAME in her Business!

WE "Vibe With Our Tribe"because WE believe there is Power in Numbers, and this is a Fun and Exciting cost effective way to hold each other accountable while learning USEFUL tools that would normally cost you a fortune, at the same time!


So we've decided to make The "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Webinars FREE for ALL MEMBERS ONLY....(we gotta make it SPECIAL somehow for you Ladies, lol), however, the monthly information that will be used along with the webinars (i.e Checklists, Planners, Calendars, Worksheets, List of Resources, etc) will be FREE for VIP Members (as part of their VIP Monthly Downloads that will be available the 1st of every month), but may be purchased separately as a bundle by the FREE Members!   

A List of Upcoming Webinars:



Trust me when I say you WANT clients who love you and who don’t want to leave you for any reason. Happy clients lead to loyal clients. Loyal clients who reach the ultimate level of success that you offer will become your loudest cheerleaders and affiliates.


None of this happens overnight and is often a fluid process. They need to know, like, and trust you before they buy into your program. Then you need to work at building that relationship so they continue to trust you.


We’ll chat about seven ways to make this happen and the beauty of this is you can craft these tips any way you want to suit your own client base. You can implement all the tips or pick and choose which ones to begin with.


In this webinar, our common goal is to make your clients love you...AND you WORK!



Operating a business in today’s climate is challenging in its own right. Dealing with difficult client situations can make it even more problematic.


Without carefully set and adhered to boundaries, problem clients can rob you of your joy in the work you do and take your time and attention away from other clients.


In this Webinar, we’ll discuss things you can do to manage these difficult client situations in ANY Field or Industry more efficiently, so you can get back on track and help your clients achieve the great things you know they’re capable of, and/or making sure they are pleased with your products and services.


If you have a business in today’s busy world, you NEED to have an email list. Quite contrary to what some may believe, but YOUR Facebook Profile and your Facebook Business Page(s) DOES NOT belong to you! Neither does your Instagram account and so forth!


Your email list NOT only makes it easier to stay in touch with current clients, but you’ll want a way to correspond with those potential clients who found your site, looked around, then left for some reason....and MORE importantly, if they decided to follow and keep up with you and your business, how would they be able to do so, if one couldn't get into your Social Media accounts?


If this process sounds confusing or you think 1,000 subscribers is a pipe dream, stay tuned! In this webinar, we'll learn how to GROW your Email list for FREE!

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