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Monthly Business Webinars

Vibe With The Tribe!

For FREE & VIP Members

The "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Business Webinars, are more like Group Coaching Sessions that take place each month Via Facebook Live, that features GREAT Speakers/Experts along with GREAT Topics to help YOU grow YOURSELF and your BUSINESS along the way! Instead of 1-on-1 coaching sessions (that can STILL be booked if and when needed from myself at for a more Customized experience), the "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Business Webinars will offer Exclusive and FREE Group Training to BOTH our FREE & VIP Paid Members as a way to ENCOURAGE Participation, Professional Connections, and Growth...that will Ultimately lead to CHANGING Her GAME in her Business!

WE "Vibe With Our Tribe" because WE believe there is Power in Numbers, and this is a Fun and Exciting cost effective way to hold each other accountable while learning USEFUL tools that would normally cost you a fortune, at the same time!


So we've decided to make The "Vibe With The Tribe" Monthly Business Webinars FREE for ALL MEMBERS ONLY....(we gotta make it SPECIAL somehow for you Ladies, lol), however, the monthly information that will be used along with many of the webinars (i.e Checklists, Planners, Calendars, Worksheets, List of Resources, etc) will be FREE to DOWNLOAD for VIP Members ONLY (as part of their VIP Membership)! Interested in receiving access to OVER 100 + Tools, Resources, ect to help Grow your Business? Click below to become a VIP Member!   

A List of Upcoming Webinars:



Ladies, do you struggle with running and managing your social media on a day to day basis? Are you burnout on trying to come up with content that either engages your clients and customers and/or attracts new ones? Or maybe your issue is, you know how to get a handle on running your social media, but your problem is you lack the time in doing so, and that in itself is hurting your business which ultimatley hurts your income. Are all of your social media channels connected, branded and easy to find? Do you know where to find or how to create custom images to help reach your audience in order to help your business grow? 

If this sounds like you, and you can use a little BOOST or REFRESHER as well as gain more CLARITY and CONFIDENCE in this area, then stay tuned! In this webinar, we'll learn how to Set-up & Create, Plan and Manage Your Social Media in 30 Days!


And as VIP Members, you have access to our NEWEST Social Media Planner (FREE) inside our Library of Resources you can use to help you PLAN and ROCK outstanding Social Media Content to help BOOST your Business.  




Entrepreneurs like yourself want nothing more than to make a big difference WHILE making a big income but at times struggle in seeing how to make that happen! It’s completely possible to make six figures in sales this year, but are you making it too complicated? Let’s talk about it…

I witness the same issues over & over again. Most women in business aren’t hitting six figures a year for just ONE simple reason. And NO, it’s NOT because they’re not talented…
It’s NOT because they’re not intelligent…
And It’s definitely NOT because they’re “not meant to be entrepreneurs”… 


Most entrepreneurs aren’t hitting six figures simply because they DON'T have a proven sales system in place for getting clients and customers! That’s it! Now, this lack of a sales system can show up in a few damaging ways. 


During this webinar, you’ll discover how to set up a simple sales process that attracts ideal clients/customers without overwhelm and doesn’t suck the joy out of the business you love in this 4-Step process! 



This is a Webinar for anyone who loves helping others and wouldn’t mind making GREAT money from it, too!

It’s Time to Turn Your Burning Desire for Helping Others Into a Lucrative Online Career!

Are you ready to turn your natural talents & passion for service into actual profit? Do you ever feel like you were born to help others? 
Almost like you were literally put on this planet to use everything you’ve learned in life to elevate the others or somehow make the world a little (or a lot) better?
Or maybe you have a special talent or skill you know others need (and kinda feel a little bothered, convicted or frustrated for not sharing it with more of them)?

If SO, stick with me and let’s go a bit deeper during this webinar. Does this sound like you? Register TODAY for your FREE Virtual seat!

And as VIP Members, you have access to our NEWEST Workbook on "HOW TO TURN YOUR PASSION FOR SERVICE INTO A PROFITABLE BUSINESS" (FREE) inside our Library of Resources you can use to help you find and create ways to serve others doing what you LOVE, while getting paid nicely for it!   

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