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An accountability partner is a person or peer who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment, and the "AccelerateHER Growth Program" is here to serve just that purpose, to help you and/or your accountability partner GROW and ACHIEVE your desired professional Goal(s) in a timely manner in which YOU get to start seeing the Profits and Growth you deserve! The "AccelerateHER Growth Program" is ALL about what it says... Accelerate HER Growth and helping you keep your commitments in doing so!

Having an accountability partner is an entrepreneur’s secret weapon for quick growth.  Working with a partner prevents the ready-fire-aim approach that a lot of entrepreneur’s use. In this group program we will Pray....Plan.... and then Prosper.

This is a 9-week fast-paced yet rewarding virtual program with a small group of women who all need accountability partners led by myself DaNielle Veasey- a Business and Brand coach of over 12 PLUS years.  You must begin the program with a specific goal(s) you need to obtain within 9 weeks in order to see the RESULTS this program can bring.

Work with me (Da'Nielle), your NEW Business/Brand Coach in a virtual group setting along with other ladies to accomplish your Goal in the next 9 weeks.

Next 9-week Program Starts from Monday, October 18th through Monday, December 13th .

Deadline to register is by 10-11-21!

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Join our Virtual 9-week Program with Other Ladies needing Accountability Partners.

Or purchase and download our DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit and work with yourself and/or your accountability partner at your own pace! Maybe it'll take you 9 weeks, maybe less, but either way you'll have the ability to make it work for YOU! Also, great to do it with a group of friends, family, church members, or other organizations, the more the merrier! Our Motto is: "We Do It BETTER Together!" 

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You're a SUPER STAR all by yourself, and ENJOY working at your OWN pace! If so, then this is the deal for YOU! 

Here's what you'll receive during the 9-week Fast Track Program or in the DIY Downloadable Kit:

  • A Welcome Letter

  • The AccelerateHER Intake Form

  • How this AccelerateHER Growth Program works

  • The Program Success Guidelines of this program 

  • A How to Hold me Accountable Checklist

  • Your Customizable Business Goals Worksheet

  •  A Monthly Review form

  • A 9 Week downloadable Calendar with action steps

  • 9 Videos explaining Weekly Focus Points to concentrate on to help guide you to your growth 

  • And a Certificate of Completion for You and/or Your Partner, Group, Organization, ect that states you have completed the Program and are officially ready to be 'Accountable' and to "AccelerateHER Growth"!

Make the BEST selection for you!