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Great morning #GameChangHers and Happy Monday! This little word right here just kinda fell in my spirit today, and as usual I wanted to share like always, but I thought I'd Blog it out this morning! Haven't done so in a while. But, Today, or this week rather, I wanted to talk about 'Balance!' It's the Word of the Day and/or Week for me, and I pray this blog encourages you as it did for me!! One of the things we as Women have the tendency to do... business or not, is put everything and everyone before ourselves! That's a Beautiful long as you're not left feeling empty and depleted! Which in most cases, we are! And that creates a problem. We feel as if WE don't do won't get done! If WE don't say it...they'll never hear it! If WE don't fix'll stay broke!

My prayer today, is that we find the BEAUTY in BALANCE...and NOT in trying to be Super Woman TO and FOR everything and everyone else...All the time, while being Super Nothing to ourselves! Giving ourselves what's left over, instead of our 'first fruits' outside of what we give God first. Learning and understanding both Spiritually and Physically to FILL our Cups up First, and then Serve others from the Overflow of our Saucers! We can Not continue to give others, what we don't have! It IS OK ladies, to not know the answers. To not have it to loan or give this time. It is ok, if you didn't make it here or there, or forgot to do this or that, etc. is simply OK to not have it altogether, while in the pursuit of trying to!!

The key is, GET YOURSELF together first, then help others get there! We can't tell others the path...that we haven't walked yet! So it is important we learn to Balance Planting the Seeds...while STILL watering the Grass...which is US! We FORGET to Water our Grass so that WE can continue Growing as well. It's Beauty in planting seeds towards others as Christ would have us to, but we need to find a healthy Balance in that!! At times, feelings of guilt may even come up for feeling as though we are leaving someone we love behind, or someone we may have started out with, but who are no longer beside us during this race, but we need to remember scripture during those times, of Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." And ladies, we ALL belong to Christ! Rather we are IN Him or not, we belong to Him. And We along with our Children, our Mates, our Loved ones, Family, Friends, etc are all still here because God has begun a work within us, that He will COMPLETE!

So another of my prayers is that, we learn to Relax, and truly Let GO and Let GOD. And when we say that, it is NOT saying that we don't have desires, dreams, visions and thoughts of how we want things to go and people to be, and family to love and friends to understand, etc... but it IS saying, I let Go...and let God, BECAUSE I trust His will for my plans and my life...way more than I trust my OWN! And I will not be foolishly ruled by my own plans, but I will pray for what I need and want, while trusting God to allow what's best.

Get YOUR Mind right Sis! Fix YOUR Heart! Get Healthier! Stack Your Bread! Set some Goals! Try New things! Love the Lord! Keep Him first! Pay your tithes! Serve and Help others, ect! But pray and ask God how to find the BEAUTY in the BALANCE! He has THEM, just like He has YOU! So Fill UP FIRST...then Pour OUT my Sistahs! Way too many of us are running around here, literally order to save others! No ma'am! That has to stop! I CHALLENGE you Today, to Stop trying to Save the World, while unable to save yourself! I KNOW that's how we're built...thats why it's a Challenge! But that 'thing' that's bothering you... is NOT your problem to fix! It belongs to the Lord! So give it to Him! Release it TODAY, and go on and BE. BEAUTIFULLY. BALANCED in Christ!

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