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CHANGE? Yeah, I HEAR YA! But who likes to?

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

The advocate for Female CHANGE....hates change herself! How can this be? Here's the truthful TRUTH!

Sometimes the helper NEEDS help, the encourager needs encouragement, and so forth. Just as the person who fights for something or someone to change, may need help in the same areas they're fighting for....

Do you enjoy or like change? If so, what are some ways you adjust and take change head on?

Business, Women, Leadership

To Change or NOT to CHANGE? the question!

As even being a for sure advocate for change... I actually hate change itself! Yeah, just ask anybody and they can tell you hunti... I absolutely hate change.... But, I embrace it anyhow! And That's because I understand that for ONE, that's something that I'll never be able to change..and that's change itself, because that is the inevitable, and SECOND, I also understand that any changes I want to see, must first start with me. I also understand that in order to grow and receive all that God has for me, that I must CHANGE... Point blank and period! So there, you have it... I said it out loud! But that still doesn't mean I like it...Lol! And really, in all actuality, no one does. But just like how we push ourselves out of bed in the am, no matter how tight it's hugging us, that's how we SHOULD feel about facing changes in life. Bad habits, negative thoughts, our daily fears and insecurities, our past failures or mistakes, ect....they all hug us really tight...keeping us warm and comfortable, just like our beds, but until we get up, rise up and level up.... We miss out on the ability to seize the day! As with when we turn away every opportunity for Change...we deny every opportunity for growth! And if you're not growing...then you're dying. Truly. Either Spiritually, Mentally, Physically Emotionally, Financially, etc.

And that's what has kept me pushing, aiming and advocating for Change not only in my life, but in the lives of others, particularly women in Business and as Women of GOD. I push for change in Women because we are such nurturers by nature, so when WE grow...we grow everything around us by default! Get it? Yeah! Take care of and heal the woman...and you take care of and heal the nation. But that's another blog at another time! So to me it's important to help and urge women to change and especially women in business, who have the power through their platform, to help make an impact with her businesses for others. I believe that we're not changing the game....unless you're changing God's people.

Ok, so then here's the question, to Change or not to Change? Well that would depend on YOU! One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies "Shawshank Redemption", says, "Either you get busy LIVING, or get busy DYING!" So I guess, that depends on where you want to be and where you see yourself! Living...or dying! You choose! Either the OLD WAY...or NEW WAY!

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